Rid-O-Rust 2655P GrassSoGreen Liq Fertilizer Concentrate - Gal

Rid-O-Rust 2655P - GrassSoGreen Liq Fert Concentrate - Gal 
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GrassSoGreen - one gallon fertilizer concentrate.

GrassSoGreen is designed to be fed through your irrigation system by an injection feeder system using a metering pump and storage tank for optimal effectiveness, providing a steady stream of a small quantity of nutirent as your irrigation system water the yard.

We recommend use of a chemical feed metering pump working off your well with storage tank set-up (see links) to do the job properly. You can also just as effectively use a pump-start relay connected from your irrigation controller to accomplish the same thing if you are using city water (meter).


  • Nitrogen-rich, it enhances grass greening.
  • It will not burn grass as granular fertilizer can.
  • Remaining in the root zone from one sprinkling to the next, it will not run off and pollute bodies of water.
  • Doesn't require usage of tiny tablets or dry concentrate that frequently leave damaging residue to eventually clog your system up, causing heads to stick up in the air and valves not to close properly.

Note - fertilizing with a sprinkler system to keep your lawn green throughout the season is find and eliminates a lot of work, but keep two things in mind. The first is the lawn will not receive fertilizer in areas not hit well with the sprinklers. Secondly, the GrassSoGreen concentrate is largely nitrogen, which does excellent job of greening up the lawn and keeping it green through the summer when the grass tends to be nitrogen-starved. However, to achieve a long-lasting healthy lawn, the GrassSoGreen program should be supplimented by using a slow release granular fertilizer at least in the Spring and ideally, again in the fall.

Pick an even number granular for the suppliment, like 8-8-8 or 10-10-10, and follow the old spreader around, it'll do you good.

The granular is slow release and causes good root development to keep up with the geen output of the above ground vegetation. A fall suppliment assures a strong healthy early developing lawn next Spring.  

Product Description Unit Part No.
GrassSoGreen 1 Gallon 2655
GrassSoGreen can be mixed into the feeder tank along with Rid O'Rust Rust Stain Prevention Formulas! It will not affect the performance of the Formula products.

Determining Dosage

Determine how many months or portions of a month it takes for your feeder system to empty and dose accordingly. Example: if it takes two months for your feeder to empty and you have 2000 square feet of lawn, put two gallons of GrassSoGreen into the tank.

Size of Lawn
in Square Feet
Gallons of GrassSoGreen
to be Applied Per Month
1000 .5
2000 1.0
3000 1.5
4000 2.0
5000 2.5


Weight: 10.30 lbs

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