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Valve Diaphragm - 205 - Fits Many Irritrol - Richdel - Lawn Genie - Rain Jet

Valve Diaphragm - 205 - Fits Many Irritrol - Richdel - Lawn Genie 
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Irritrol 205 (100232-H) Valve Diaphragm - This diaphragm also fits many (see below) common residential valves.

Irritrol 205 (100232-H) Valve Diaphragm - This diaphragm also fits many common residential valves manufactured under the Richdel, Irritrol, Lawn Genie, Garden America, Hardie and Rain Jet Brand Names. The molds to make these valves changed hands when the companies were sold, so although the model numbers proliferated and changed too often to keep track, the valve appearance remained the same. Best way to determine if your valve will accept this diaphragm, is to look at the accompanying photos. If your old diaphragm appears to be very similar to the diaphragm in the photo, the diaphragm should fit, because there were no other diaphragms made that resemble the 205 diaphragm.

When installing the new diaphragm, be sure that small tip visible on the outer edge (lower left in photo) of the diaphragm perimeter is located in the area of the solenoid, so all your screw holes match. If the diaphragm is not located correctly in this regard, the screw holes will not match and the valve will leak after assembly.

Also be sure not to overtighten the screws. You are tightening stainless steel screws into older plastic and should be very careful about stripping the threads. If you end up stripping a thread, go to a hardware store and by a slightly (quarter-inch) longer screw, there is room for it to self-tap itself in, and you can still save the project and amaze the wife with your ingenuity.

Also Fits Lawn Genie®, RainJet® valve models 204, 710A, 711A, 712A, RJ711(54000/1), RJ713 and many others too numerous to mention. If your old diaphragm looks like the 205, chances are about 99.9% the 205 is the correct replacement diaphragm.

Note - if your diaphragm is shaped differently than the photo diaphragm, check the other diaphragms offered in this area. Be sure you have selected the correct diaphragm, because diaphragms are not returnable under any circumstances.


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