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Solenoid - Special 120V - For Irritrol - Richdel - Hydro Rain - Lawn Genie

Irritrol Solenoid - 120 volt - Irritrol - Richdel - Lawn Genie 
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Also Fits most residential Irritrol, Richdel, Hydro Rain, Nelson and Rain Jet standard 24 volt (low voltage) valves.

If your controller has a large transformer plug or a transformer inside the controller box, it's an excellent indication your system is 24 volt. 99% of all systems are 24 volt - low voltage systems.

WARNING - This is an unusual 120 volt solenoid. Almost all residential systems use valves with standard 24 volt solenoids, so be very careful not to order this product unless you know your system is 120 volts and doesn't have a plug-in or other transformer that drops the current to 24 volts.

Richdel, Irritrol, Lawn Genie, Rain Jet, Hydo Rain and Nelson were all very good about sticking to one solenoid for their residential valves over the years, so this solenoid will fit them all, but be sure that your system is a 110/120 volt system (and has 110/120 volt valves) before you install your new solenoid.

Also be careful that the little white packing ring you see retaining the poppit (moves up and down) within the body of the solenoid is removed. We no longer remove them for you prior to shipment. That little white plastic ring is just packing and should be removed from the solenoid prior to use, particularly if it is being used on a valve other than newer models of the Irritrol line. If your solenoid(s) arrive with a piece of tape holding the poppit in, it means we have already removed the packing ring(s) for your convenience.

Warning: these are 110/120 volt solenoids and will NOT work if your system has a transformer and utilizes 24 volt valves. The 24 volt systems are much more common than the 110/20 volt systems. Please be sure you are ordering the correct solenoid. We said this three times because it's really important.


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